Introducing Terrazzo Flooring

septiembre 28, 2020 0

Terrazzo is a material well known and managed within the industry, nevertheless, many people still wonder what terrazzo is and what materials are used to…

What’s Terrazzo?

agosto 14, 2020 0

Industrial Flooring

Importance of line stripping in parking lots

septiembre 28, 2020 0

The importance of the system depends on the area where it is applied. Here we will talk about some simple points to consider when talking…

Epoxy vs Polyurethane

agosto 8, 2020 0

Commercial Flooring

Epoxy or Urethane for commercial floors?

agosto 11, 2020 0

As years go by, floors are susceptible to yellow out and to suffer different problems which on a long-term condition could affect work. To keep…


Liquid Rubber: Some uses

agosto 25, 2020 0

•WATERPROOFING Above grade, belowgrade, and blindside •CONTAIMENT Primary and secondary containment •VAPOR BARRIER Primary and secondary above and below grade •CIVIL Water and gas vapor…